Kobelco Welding of Europe B.V. (KWE) is a modern manufacturer of Flux Cored Wire (FCW) which was established in 1994 under license from Kobe Steel, Ltd.  Benefiting from Kobe Steel, Ltd’s almost 80 years of expertise in welding consumables.  Kobelco Welding of Europe B.V. has established  itself as a leading producer and supplier of flux cored wire for stainless and carbon steel. The wide range of welding consumables covers almost the entire market for stainless and carbon steel.

To satisfy market demand for other welding consumables besides FCW, KWE provides a wide range of other consumables manufactured by Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Kobelco welding consumables are used for welding operations all over the world. Industries such as shipbuilding, offshore, construction and many other industrial sectors rely on Kobelco welding consumables.

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