Special Welding Techniques

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Special Welding Techniques

TECNO SALD is a company with twenty years of experience specialized in the trade of wires, electrodes and rods for the welding of carbon steels, stainless steels, special alloys, anti-wear layers, low-alloy steels and duplex steels. The entire range of our products is used for the production, maintenance and regeneration in every sector of small and large industries. 

Our product range includes also accessories and spare parts, such as MIG / TIG torches, abrasives and safety protections.
The availability of 400 t of materials allow us to warrant a fast delivery (24-48 hours) by partnered couriers and our own means of transport. 

TECNO SALD  offers its customers a team of EWT technicians (European Welding Technologist) who can provide theoretical and practical training courses for technical personnel and welders, as well as advice and assistance.

TECNO SALD is able to provide its retailers a neutral or customized packing for the whole range of welding 

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